real hands-on radar system for indoors and outdoors training

Designed for radar technicians, air and naval traffic controllers, as well as military users and academic students, SkyRadar is the first commercially available educational radar training system based on professional monopulse and FMCW radar technology.

Operating within the milliwatt range, the SkyRadar radar training system is completely safe for indoor and outdoor experiments. SkyRadar provides radar kits blended with training curricula and scenarios for high level skills development.

The SkyRadar Training System was developed in partnership with leading players from the fields of air traffic management, military, and homeland security.

We have worked closely with in developing SkyRadar training.

SkyRadar has the following objectives:

  • to gain experience on PSR and SSR radar systems
  • to explain the basics of radar-based antenna and communications technology
  • applicable for Air Traffic Control solutions, Military Intelligence (ECM, ECCM), homeland security, costal control, drone detection etc.

Sky Radar is used by

  • civil and military academies for air traffic control and aeronautic defense
  • Universities
  • Vocational Schools
  • General education and occupational schools

It is not a toy – it is the real thing!

The SkyRadar radar training system was conceived and developed by a consortium of experts from the fields of ATM, radar development, Homeland Security as well as Vocational and University education and training. Both the system and the training curriculum are continously updated and developed.To the best of our best knowledge, Sky Radar is the only professional radar training system based on transversal electromagnetic waves within the radar bands (l, s, x, i/j). Along with many other experts, our consortium is convinced that kits based on longitudinal sonar waves or microwaves are unsuitable for the security-relevant radar training purposes.

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