About SkySoft-ATM
Human performance and technical eloquence

SkySoft-ATM’s corporate mission is to rethink the design and the implementation of ATM systems using a new innovative approach.

The short statement The new generation of ATM solutions summarizes the core of our company values. It expresses our ambition to bring new and original concrete solutions to the many challenges facing today’s Air Traffic Control. At the same time it describes our respect for the continuity, the existing know-how and the principal solutions and norms in the ATM field, something which has evolved during more than a century of aeronautical adventure.

Our ambition is to become the new reference when it comes to investment and implementation, living up to the highest productivity, reliability and safety standards while at the same time meticulously respecting our customer’s requirements.User-friendliness, ergonomics and personalization are the central themes of our vision, and our goal is to combine human performance and technical eloquence.

Our solutions are custom-made and based on combining and configuring our functional modules around a conceptual core developed in close cooperation with our clients during the analysis and requirements specification phases. This methodology closely corresponds to real-life conditions and means that a project can be deployed in a few months rather than in a couple of years.

We were awarded the ISO 9001 Certification in December 2002 in the field of Development of Software Products for Air Navigation Applications. The ISO 9001 Certification underscores our management and collaborators total commitment to quality at all company levels and for all our products, services and business processes.


SkyVisual: ATC HTMI that goes far beyond traditional solutions
SkyServer: A centralized ATC data processing engine
SkyManager: A highly productive Air Traffic Control solution
SkyRec BlackBox: Record & Replay multimedia information from the Controller Working Position (CWP)
SkyRec Video Software Edition: Track all events on your Controller Work Position (CWP)
SkyRec Radar & Data Recording:The ultimate Radar Data recording solution
SkyRec Replay:User friendly application to playback all recorded data synchronously
ATC Trainer:Prepare and run your customized simulation
Radar Training: Real hands-on radar system for indoors and outdoors training


Pierre Henri Guisan

Pierre Henri Guisan

Managing Director Heading the company since 2004, Pierre Henri has double competencies with a Master degree in Information Technology and is graduated in Economics and Business Management. He has more than 25 years of business experience in managing IT projects and software organization in a growing phase. Being a licensed CPL/IR pilot Pierre Henri is experiencing regularly the SkySoft-ATM solution from an airspace user perspective to his full satisfaction.
Didier Berling

Didier Berling

Deputy Managing Director Didier founded with Loïc Bonthonneau the company in 2001 and started the development and business of the SkySoft-ATM’s new modern solutions from a white page after many years of ATM project deployment for a large company. Didier is managing the development of essential Software Solutions produced by SkySoft-ATM.
Loïc Bonthonneau

Loïc Bonthonneau

Technical director Loïc founded with Didier Berling the company in 2001 and is leading the Technical team. Under his Management SkySoft-ATM has always been innovative and proposed advanced solutions to address the ATM Market needs. He is at the origin of many of the developments of the SkySoft-ATM’s modern solutions.
Claude Levacher

Claude Levacher

Sales and Marketing Manager Claude has got 25 years’ experience in selling Technical Solutions worldwide and is leading the Export sales and Marketing activities of SkySoft-ATM since 2006. Claude is managing the relationship with the Company’s Industrial Partners and launched the idea of Albatross the first Open Source Community in ATM.