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Architectural diagram

SkyRec Radar & Data Recording

The ultimate Radar Data recording solution.

Is providing synchronously “Through the Wall” Radar/ and other ATC Data recording.
Designed to work on a permanent and continuous basis (24 hours a day, 7 days per week).
In case there is a legal recording requirement, Radar recording is coupled with a voice recording solution.


  • Recording of multiple data flows
  • Radar data (primary and secondary)
  • Processed radar data (Asterix, …)
  • Flight plans data (Adexp, …)
  • Other flows (weather, supervision, …)
  • Various protocol supported (IP, UDP, TCP, …)
  • Replay with existing customer systems or with SkyVisual and Albatross Display solutions
  • COTS hardware
  • Accurate time stamping
  • Flexible architecture
  • Large bandwith capacity
  • Low memory usage

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