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Architectural diagram
Architectural diagram

SkyRec BlackBox

Record & Replay multimedia ATC/ATM information from the Controller Working Position (CWP).

SkyRec BlackBox is a high-performance hardware- based multimedia recording tool. This non- intrusive solution can capture At The Glass (ATG) very high resolution screens (including 4K ultra High Definition), as well as audio channels, mouse clicks and keyboard input. Get access to recorded data within seconds with our user friendly HMI. Export synchronized recorded data to standard media for external replay.

At The Glass (ATG) data captured from the CWP screen is essential to most ANSP’s for Legal Recording, post event analysis, training purposes, or technical investigation. SkyRec BlackBox also provides synchronized voice, mouse and keyboard data, serial lines recording. It reflects an exact picture of the ATCO’s environment at any point in time.

SkyRec BlackBox is the ultimate hardware based ATC/ATM screen recording solution.


A new generation of search engine using image recognition!

Our new functionality enables the user to look for a specific Aircraft call sign over a desired time period on video recorded data. We also offer the possibility to search for all the STCA and/or MTCD warnings in the given period.

Additionally, we create a log file, gathering all the detected data or events, which can then be exploited in any desired way!

  •  Look for a given Callsign,
  •  Search for STCA and/or MTCD warning,
  • Collect traffic data.


  • A complete ACC, APP,TWR recording solution
  • Costs/ROI optimization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Total flexibility and perfect adaptability to evolving needs
  • Customizable modular solution
  • Product customization to local requirements
  • Easy integration with customer environment
  • Fast implementation
  • 60’000 H MTBF
  • Lossless At The Glass recording (Video)
  • Compact solution
  • Meets new mandatory requirement for ATC/ATM video recording.

Technical Specifications

  • Highly compressed Lossless Recording
  • Failsafe video splitters
  • Compatible with 4K Ultra High Definition screens
  • Captures VGA and DVI video signals
  • Synchronized Voice ,Video,serial lines, Mouse, Keyboard Recording
  • Remote CWP recording
  • Common user interface to all SkyRec products.
  • Configurable frame rate capture
  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • COTS hardware
  • Copper or fiber optic Network

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