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Remote Solution,

Distribute Data, Record and Replay

With the combination of the WEY Distribution Platform and the SkyRec BlackBox from SkySoft-ATM, users have now access to a highly flexible solution to distribute data sources (video, audio, serial channels) and record them at the same time.

SkySoft-ATM and WEY have assembled their expertise to offer a Remote Record and Replay solution to provide a highly flexible data distribution solution combined with the recording of video, audio and serial data streams. Wherever multiple screens workplaces are necessary, data sources can be displayed and arranged as desired and recorded in real time with the combination of the WEY Distribution Platform and the SkyRec BlackBox from SkySoft-ATM.

Workplace monitor recording combined with audio, keyboard and mouse capture facilitates the reconstruction and analysis of events occurring at mission critical workplaces, for safety, training and legal recording purposes. Reporting has never been easier to perform and share.

With the IP Remote KVM Extender, personal and shared workstations as well as recorders can be located in a centralized, protected and air conditioned system room. The control room workplaces are free from PCs under the desks and users benefit from a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Recorded material is identical to the original. Even when compressed more than 25,000 times, the data is not altered.

A unique window replay HMI provides immediate access to recorded periods of interest with enhanced search tools. All data can be exported to standard media (USB sticks, DVD, CD, portable HDD, etc.). The hardware is modular in design and can be tailored to accommodate single or multiple screen recording needs as well as an almost infinite number of solution architecture choices.

  • Highly flexible solution which optimizes space at the desk and in the control rooms.
  • Provides access to recor­ded data in seconds, synchronously replays voice, video and serial channels, and distributes data over copper or fiber optic Ethernet networks.
  • State of the art lossless compression technology to minimize data storage and bandwidth requirements.
  • Failsafe equipment with passive splitters, which accommodates both IP Remo­te and recording hardware in the same chassis, enabling easy maintenance with hot plug­gable recording cards.
  • Offers multiple redundancy options at power supply, network and data storage levels.
  • Captures high resolution monitors up to 2560×1600 at configurable frame rate capture and compression, compatible with VGA and DVI video signals on the same video grabbers.
  • Synchronized multimedia replay for multi purposes, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search tool.

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