The ATM Open Source Community

An extensive range of ground-breaking benefits.

Albatross, the Open Source Community from SkySoft, puts at your fingertips an extensive range of ground-breaking benefits. These include more vendor independence for customers and easier access to technology for small and medium size airports and centers in emerging markets. Additional valuable benefits of Open Source systems in ATM are more transparency when interfacing with systems, as well as a smoother integration.

It is important to note that Albatross is becoming more and more essential since SESAR is calling for better systems interoperability and FAB projects are materializing in Europe.

Open to input. Albatross Open Source Community is widely open to receiving input and contributions from stakeholders in the industry, institutions, and universities. It is also actively seeking a close relationship with ANSPs to deliver operations-targeted solutions.

Safety is not compromised in any way, and stringent processes are enforced in the software production and certification cycle to make sure that International Safety Standards are respected.

Why join Albatross?

Your interest in the ATM domain is professional. You are a software developer or perhaps simply an Open Source enthusiast?

You are involved in the evaluation of a new ATM system and would like to know more about what Open Source technology is available?

You need to modernize your system, but your budget will not allow for massive investment?

You don’t want to be limited to a specific vendor for each small modification?

The Albatross community welcomes you.

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