ATM Solutions


Manage RPAS operation in an incremental way.

U-Space enabling technology.

At present only a few countries like Switzerland are technically able to safely manage specific RPAS operations, and even there the needs of the RPAS operators are not being met yet for large operations. There is an urgent need for proving a system and a process to manage RPAS operation in an incremental way through managing the risks. Expected UAV traffic growth shows many challenges, including ensuring separation between unmanned aviation and manned aviation and keeping UAV out of prohibited airspace.

 Skysoft-ATM developed on behalf of skyguide the U-Space Gateway (UGWY) to bridge ANSPs and UAV service providers. Our objective is to provide within a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, scalable solutions and services to meet those challenges by connecting, controlling and monitoring all operators and flying systems to a unified IT platform.


Build an air situation picture as complete as possible including ANSP certified data sources, UAS telemetry, and non-regulated data sources, without impacting existing ATM systems.

Allow the tracker of the ANSP to build a picture adequate to inform controllers about risks generated by some UAVs.

Send to USPs (U-Space Service Provider) the Air Situation to warn operators of possible conflicts between drones and manned aircrafts.

Send to USPs airspace information such as authorized and restricted areas.



Unified platform to control all flying systems.

Keep UAV out of prohibited airspace.

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