SkyRec Replay
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SkyRec Replay

User friendly application to playback all recorded data synchronously.
Multipleexport features are offered for archiving and post processing on portable storage media.
Embedded playback application in export file allow the immediate replay of encrypted data on any windows
PC without software installation.

Select audio, video, Radar data to replay in just a few clicks and replay them synchronously.
While playing back you can generate bookmarks, speed-up or slow down the replay.
Then export synchronized data to any local or remote storage.
SkyRec Replay includes an OCR search engine to retrieve Call signs, STCA, MTCD or any specific event automatically
and generates bookmarks for each occurrence to allow a quick access to video data of interest.


  • Synchronously records and replay radar, screens,voice, mouse, keyboard and serial lines
  • Single playback interface for all SkyRec Products
  • Instantaneous access to recorded data
  • Legal recording, post event analysis, training, technical Investigations
  • OCR search engine
  • Range and Bearing on video
  • API with 3rd party Voice and Radar recording

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ASC is a worldwide leading software provider for multi-channel recording, quality management and analytics addressing all enterprises with recording needs, especially contact centers, financial institutions and public safety organizations.    


Headquartered in Neuchatel (Switzerland), ATIS UHER is a Voice Recording Solution Specialist; their solutions are present worldwide at Civilian or Military customers.  


The German ANSP is partnering with SITA and Skysoft ATM to produce and commercialize SkyManager.