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SkyRec video Software Edition

Track all events on your Controllers’ Work Position. Software video recording module to capture exactly what your ATCO sees on screen including mouse clicks and keyboard actions.

SkyRec Video Software Edition provides you with 100% accurate information for legal recording, post-event analysis and simulation.

SkyRec software edition is available for Windows and Linux.


While recording, the SkyRec Software Edition has no impact on system performance which attests to its reliability and safety. The recording is totally transparent to the ATCO’s as the main application’s response time is unchanged.

In addition, the excellent image quality of the replayed sequences provides a valuable basis for a detailed post-event analysis. The recorded files can also be converted into standard formats (AVI, MPEG, etc).

Furthermore, SkyRec Software Edition guarantees the storage and replay readability of the recorded data as a key safety factor.

SkyRec Software Edition offers a wide variety of applications for various uses such as post-event analysis (technical or legal purposes), training, all sorts of simulations, creation of training and/or presentation materials, ATCO examinations, remote maintenance and/or tech diagnosis, etc. The access to data during the Replay is extremely user-friendly.

Last but not least, SkyRec Software Edition’s performance is outstanding:

  • Compatible replay with SkyRec Blackbox recorded data
  • Low memory usage even during full capacity workload
  • Limited and constant CPU workload
  • Optimized recorded data file size


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