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SkyVisual has been approved by ATCO’s for years. It goes far beyond a traditional ATC HMI. SkyVisual is operational for ACCs, Approaches and Towers.

The HMI is often the main visible part of an ATC system. ATCO’s clearly demand evolutive HMIs with ergonomic design, short response times and easy access to data which have traditionally been under-evaluated by the market.

To achieve a satisfactory working comfort, they often use key functions such as transparent windows, multi-measurement vectors, double-zooming, etc. Various factors (needs for flexible graphic tools, Mode S radar, Data Link, cost…) inevitably drive the market towards continual HMI improvements from the same common basis.

SkyVisual can even compensate for underlying systems’ lack of flexibility and sometimes allows the implementation of new functionalities.


A fully responsive HMI following the EATMP ergonomic concepts which provides safety, ATC efficiency and intuitive navigation.The close collaboration between SkySoft-ATM’s engineers and ATCO’s is a typical example of our working methods and leads to an efficient HMI design / prototyping cycle which is well adapted to the ATCO’s needs and facilitates the deployment project management.

  • Off-line configuration and data preparation tools
  • Multi-layer map display and multiple map formats
  • Unlimited personalized setups available for each user
  • Single-click logic menus
  • Unlimited number of measurement vectors simultaneously used
  • Direct access to and update of flight plan information
  • Automatic label anti-overlap system
  • Multi-zoom capability
  • Fast complete system start-up and initialization
  • Dynamic maps display (adjustable filters) : automatic map update
  • Automatic display of the next frequency
  • Multiple secondary windows available
  • Compatible with multi-screen configurations (number, size and shape)
  • etc.

Various functions are closely related to the SkyVisual Module but generated by the SkyServer Module. The evolutionary power of the SkyVisual Module means that it is also very suitable for design and prototyping projects.


Several benefits, as illustrated by a few examples, are related to safety :

  • The reactive off-centering (no system latency) of our HMI provides an instant clear screen image and an immediate analysis providing an appreciated working comfort
  • The anti-overlap window system (pre-defined rules) and the entry Flight Window that only opens for inbound flights, provide a clear and concise display of information eliminating risks of screen overload
  • The aircraft vertical movement display permits an immediate ATC response in case of emergencies
  • The integrated SMS (Short Message System) contributes to the silent information sharing system and improves the ATCO’s concentration
  • Various factors also contribute to the clarity of key information displayed to Controllers: icon / window-driven concept, vertical lift display, window transparency, single-click functions, easy window sizing, pop-ups, etc.
  • The visual comfort is assured by the “what you modify, what you get” logic in all menu and option adjustments.

To summarize: many short-cuts to reach the right information (contextual menus, auto-hide of unused scroll bars, hotkeys, sweep button, flip-flop, etc.) and the customization possibilities to meet individual needs (pop-up window principle with open set-up rules), contribute to a considerable increase in ATCO productivity.


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