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SkyServer is a centralized ATC data processing engine. With the integration of many working rules coming from ATCO’s, it naturally leads to ATC automation (automatic conflict detection/ resolution) and to outstanding airspace capacity improvements.

The ATC systems are more and more integrated. Their main challenge is to immediately transform multi-source data to ATCO ATC knowledge. The operational ATC systems need permanent incremental improvements which requires flexible and evolutive solutions. Synthetic information have to be efficiently shared among ACC ATCO’s through silent, real-time and reliable systems.

Consequently, smoother and more precise flow management tools, reduction of ATCO repetitive tasks and focus on added value functions become an ATC must.


  • ATCO-driven solutions: only functions which provide real added value, natural adoption, limited training, smooth introduction of new technologies, motivation, cost optimization
  • COTS – standard hardware: innovation accelerator, short time to market, cost, open architecture, high performances, easy maintenance
  • Total flexibility: incremental solutions, perfect adaptation to evolving needs,non proprietary solutions
  • Customization: user community adhesion to a common HMI, «feel at home» concept
  • Permanent operational system fine-tuning: perfect adaptation to local airspaces, value for money, short Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Increased airspace capacity – efficiency: additional ANSP revenues
  • Safety: quick start-up program, ATC reactivity, sharp and immediate ATCO analysis, rapid maintenance, automatic information transmission, low memory/CPU usage
  • Compensation of an existing system limitations: customized HMI, new functionalities
  • Controlled project schedules: cost effectiveness, each module can benefit from the latest technology


  • Automatic conflict detection/resolution over exit Points (expert system)
  • Automatic conflict sending to the most appropriate sectors (ATCO pre-defined rules)
  • Complete flight progress monitoring (automatic adjustment after a route shortcut, time estimate at given points)
  • Time to land information
  • Flight sequencing over entry Points and exit Points

Global coordination

  • IFP-Intelligent Front Processor as a common information sharing system
  • Automatic information coordination among sectors
  • Access to Flight plan data with possible modifications from any CWP
  • Automatic coordination with adjacent sectors/centers through other system communications
  • Dynamic Airspace Management (DAM): automatic map display for active zones
  • Pre-correlation for incoming flights
  • Manually flagged excess traffic warning per sector (to limit sector traffic allocation)
  • Specific frequency window management (by Supervisor)
  • Possible exclusions of given flight levels, as decided by ATCO
  • Route Conflict Prediction, RCP (customized MTCD)

Technical specifications

  • Eurocontrol radar protocols (ASTERIX, ADEXP) compliant
  • COTS hardware-based (Linux or Windows) solution
  • Limited memory and CPU use
  • Quick start-up program with hardware (5 sec. for an application, 40-60 sec. for operational system complete start with all the updated data, incl. flight plan and radar data)
  • Redundancy through fallback radar
  • Compliant with a fully redundant architecture
  • Easy maintenance process: quick software updates


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