SkySoft-ATM, is a Swiss-based subsidiary of Skyguide (Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider) and leading provider of air traffic control recording systems.

LVNL recently awarded a contract to SkySoft-ATM to supply a new Video Recording and Playback (VRAP) system.
The system will provide an integrated solution for Controller Working Position monitors recording and synchronized playback with third party audio recorded data.

SkySoft-ATM is the market leader for CWP recording solutions. SkyRec is currently recording thousands of high resolution monitors, keyboards and mice as well as ATC Data and voice channels in over 26 countries.
Our core expertise in recording technology ensures that we are well positioned to adapt to the changing needs of video recording in the ATM market.
LVNL will benefit from the latest generation of SkyRec Video Recording solution and from over 15 years of experience from SkySoft-ATM in this domain.