Le Bourget, June 15, 2015 – JCPX Development, DSNA Services, SkySoft-ATM and Aveillant have  launched the UWAS System –  UAV Watch and Catch System – designed to fight against the unauthorised flight of drones over sensitive civilian and military areas, events and VIPs. This system will enable the detection, monitoring, visualisation and interception of small drones.

This system comes in both a fixed and a mobile configuration to meet the requirements of all users. It is based on the expertise of several players in the field, including JCPX Development and DSNA Services for integration and their civil aviation expertise, alongside Aveillant, SkySoft and the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) for their technical expertise and industrial know-how.

This truly innovative system consists of:

  • Aveillant’s unique radar – an automatic H24 surveillance system capable of detecting 4-engine type threats of 0.01 m² at a distance of over 5 kilometres and up to a height of 1,000 m.
  • A SkySoft-ATM Air Situation Display to visualy locate the UAV’s
  • A control/command and monitoring interface, either portable or integrated in a remote command post


Role of the partners

JCPX: defining customer requirements, system specification and engineering, restitution and monitoring interface (a company founded by 3 Bordeaux entrepreneurs);  DSNA services: expertise in air and public security, integration of complex systems in civil aviation environments, systems certification, design of radar installations; Aveillant : radar detection and engineering block; SkySoft: recordings and Air Situation Displays, data fusion; ENAC: R&D on interception systems, radars and antennae, tests, validation and electromagnetic compatibility.

Drone detection