Get the best out of your evidence capture solution.

Must-have training tool

SkySoft-ATM is a highly respected leader in the field of recording solutions. Capturing and reconstructing the experiences of users has become more and more essential as it is the only way to  effectively determine activities in a given situation. Our screen recording system was designed to capture  what is taking place on the desktops of agents and synchronizes their conversations and action.

Our Evidence Capture is a one-of-a-kind solution that is ideal for recording control room  video walls and staff workstations. As a result of its numerous applications, it has become  an important training tool.  And since it is adaptable to every HMI (screen)  situation and major operating system,  it fits  perfectly with all training activities. Not only can you put Evidence Capture to work for  the training of recording solutions, you will find it a practical aid in training analysis.

Project management and technical expertise

Our next generation of Control Room solutions are renowned around the world for their highest-level performance and reliability.  With public security becoming  a major issue today, our consulting services for users assures that you are deriving the maximum from your  video wall recordings and staff workstations. We provide you with expertise from our extensive network of both technical and project management  resources.

In fact, we put our Control Room solutions to work daily in our own operations, but  also through SkyGuide, our parent company,  and we  have directed the implementation of highly advanced systems worldwide.

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