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Innovative Algorithms Reducing ATCO Workload

Skyguide and SKYSOFT-ATM in collaboration with Leonardo, NATS and HungaroControl completed real time simulations (RTS) at skyguide premises in Geneva, Switzerland, mid of June. This RTS has been conducted in the frame of Solution 96 “Attention Guidance” within SESAR 2020 Project PJ.10-W2 PROSA addressing the reduction of air traffic controller (ATCO) workload using an innovative […]

LVNL and SkySoft-ATM cooperating on a new project.

LVNL launched a project to provide ambient recording capabilities at all its operational sites, in order to comply with new EU regulation whereby all air traffic services should be equipped with a recording solution to capture background communication and aural environment recording. Since SkySoft-ATM was already deploying the SkyRec system at the controller working positions […]

SITA and SkySoft-ATM cooperating on a new project.

Optimizing operational efficiencies for Airlines and ANSPs while lowering CO2 emissions. These are significant challenges for a sector already under pressure to reduce its environmental impacts to become net-zero by 2050 and build back leaner following the crippling financial effects of the pandemic. SITA and SkySoft are supporting the industry’s carbon net-zero journey with technology […]

PJ.10-W2 PROSA Solution 96 Attention Guidance

After two years of collaboration with our partners in the frame of the SESAR 2020 European Research & Innovation Program, an operational validation of the SESAR solution PJ.10-W2 96 Attention Guidance had been carried out end of January in Geneva, Switzerland. The exercise run will take place mid of June in Geneva. The objective of […]

INDRA and SkySoft-ATM collaborate for the deployment of their solutions in Lithuania

SkySoft-ATM is the market leader for CWP recording solutions. SkyRec is currently recording thousands of high-resolution monitors, keyboards, and mice as well as ATC Data and voice channels in over 30 nations Worldwide. The voice recording is provided by VoiceCollect, former ATIS UHER. With a track record of 65 years in recording technology for ATC/ATM […]