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There comes a time that even most ATM mission-critical systems must be modernized.

The goal is to reduce maintenance and redeploy resources to develop or buy new software solutions for your organization. SkySoft-ATM strongly believes that Service Orientation is the best design paradigm for future ATM systems. Profiting from the experience acquired with skyguide from the Virtual Center program and with partners in the context of Eurocontrol initiatives, SkySoft-ATM provides consulting offers to modernize ATM IT Landscape.

ANSP need to be agile, test hypotheses cheaply, and respond quickly to new market insights, by keeping development cycles short and data models flexible. To help you in the realization of your project, SkySoft-ATM proposes a methodology in 4 different steps.


Analysis & Assessment

we will analyze the current application architecture, tooling, environments, and infrastructure to assess the existing infrastructure.

Strategic Modernization Roadmap

Using the assessment document, SkySoft-ATM works with your team to help estimate and establish an incremental modernization plan to fit within established budget and constraints.

Educational Component

We help you building an educational plan, to have your people up-to-speed on the new approach and latest relevant technologies.

Architecture Elaboration and Strategic Plan Implementation

SkySoft-ATM follows the modernization plan and helps you implement new processes using Agile methodology. With DevOps (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) and SDLC (Sofware Development Life Cycle) mechanisms for building, testing and deployment in addition to architectural framework and tools. SkySoft-ATM can also provide OOTB components to accompany your testing teams (ICAO-ATS generator, Monitoring solutions, Decoders, FIXM integration etc…).


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